New York via Madrid

wir sind Verbena Djs
wir sind Verbena Djs

After setting the castillian nights on fuego, and fleeing Spain to avoid damage claims and the guilt brought on by burn victims (foot burns, from alllll thaaat dancin´) Verbena Djs has arrived, nay, crashed, the awesomespaghetti beats madhouse that is Ennn! Why? Seee!


In all seriousness though, we started djing in Madrid in 2007 -mostly in private parties and Madrid night staples like the Fotomaton. 


We mainly do indie but love leaning into electronica and rock. Check out whatever is listed in the "Last set?" section to get some sense of what we sound like.


"We just want you to dance. Or not.

Whatever. It's up to you. 

But we really wish you'd dance."

- Verbena Djs. Prague, 1879


wir sind Verbena Djs
wir sind Verbena Djs



Dance Crunch

SUN Nov. 24

@The Woods. 48 S4th St,